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Docupiler cost justification – using Cold Hard Facts to justify the purchase.

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

With over 100,000 invoices captured to date, the proof is in the success of this product. But anecdotes and testimonials only take the argument so far. The Docupiler team has analyzed a number of accounts to determine the cost in time and dollars of manually entering purchase orders.

We took 20 accounts and averaged how many purchase orders/invoices they generated in an average week (70 PO’s averaging 10 items per order).

Assuming an efficient data entry person can enter each order in 5 to 7 minutes, they spend between 6 and 8 hours each week in front of the computer, time that could be more productive in service or other engagement functions.

Today’s hourly salaries start at $15.00 and often exceed $20.00 per hour. With benefits at 22%, this equates to a low of $18.30 and a high $24.40 or more for every hour spent in front of a computer. On a weekly basis this ranges from a low of $111.00 to a high of $195.00, or almost $800.00 per month.

Now, take the average time entering an invoice into Docupiler – less than a minute per order. Using the 70 order per week figure and 44 seconds per order, you have processed all your Invoices in less than an hour, saving anywhere from $93.00 to $171.00 every week. No small amount.

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