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Frequently Asked Questions

PDF Requirements 

  • The PDF must be text-based

  • The PDF must be final notice

  • There must be an Invoice number, not an order number

  • Each line item must contain a product code that is unique to that vendor

How Do I Know If My Document Is A PDF? 

  • It is critical that the vendor document is a pdf and not a scanned copy.  To determine this, open the pdf and find something within the document by using<Ctrl><f> and entering the string to locate.  If this works,you have a valid pdf.

My Vendor is in a state you serve, but I don’t see him on your list. What do I do?

If your vendor provides you with a pdf invoice, get a copy sent to us. We’ll integrate it into Docupiler and you can begin to import! The same goes for a state we do not serve. Get a pdf and we’ll import it!

I need to keep all my PO’s for 3 years. Do I need hard copy as well?

No. Docupiler will store every invoice you import in your data folder. Should you need to retrieve it at any point, it is only a click away!

My NJ Vendor has RIPS on my Invoices. How is this handled?

Docupiler takes the RIPS section of the Invoice and applies the dollars to the WinePOS RIPS section. As you receive your checks, you can go into this function and note their acceptance. If for some, reason, you are short-paid, you can not that as well.

How does Docupiler work with any POS?

Docupiler produces a file called JSON, which contains all the details of your Invoice. This file can be easily imported into any program, inserting each PO/Invoice into the appropriate table. To get started, have your developer reach out to us.

Due to mergers, my old vendor is now a ‘house’ for a different vendor. What do I do?

Docupiler can accommodate the new vendor structure, regardless of whether the invoice keeps its old characteristics or inherits the format of the (surviving) vendor.

Can I use a pending invoice as my document?

Given that there could still be changes between the pending and final invoice, no pending invoices are allowed. Only completed invoices with a Vendor invoice number are imported.

My Beer Vendor adds deposits to many item's which should not affect their cost. What does Docupiler do to address this?

Docupiler recognizes these as deposits and accumulates the values in the deposit/deposit credit field of the Merchant PO.

How does Docupiler display PO cost changes?

Docupiler will compare the last PO cost and display any changed cost in bold. In addition, a green arrow (cost has gone down) or a red arrow (cost has gone up) will indicate if the difference is in your favor.

My invoice has a watermark. Is this a problem?

Docupiler has a unique decoding function that can remove the watermark before importing the data. This means you get clean, complete data every time!

My invoice has a new product that isn’t in the system. What do I do?

If Docupiler finds a product that is not in the system (after intelligent matching) it will allow you to immediately enter the new product before continuing with the import.

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